NURS 502: Application Of Concept Analysis To Clinical Practice

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Application of Concept Analysis to Clinical Practice Cory G. Haines Grand Canyon University: NURS 502 04/08/2015 Application of Concept Analysis to Clinical Practice The area of medicine contains philosophical orientations that are used in developing theories and advancing the state of knowledge. Instead of focusing on the solving of problems, however, its philosophy centers on the concepts that build the processes of the discipline, to reveal the foundations and presuppositions that are evident. The philosophy of nursing centers on the discovery of truth and knowledge, while attempting to discern the things that are valuable and important (McEwen & Wills, 2011, p.6). It is in this aspect that concept analysis enters the…show more content…
In this phase, there were eight nurses chosen—those who have had extensive experience from various clinical settings, such as the recovery room, medical wards, cardiac wards, and psychiatric wards. Five patients were likewise chosen, particularly those who were hospitalized and experienced acute disease like cancer or cardiac diseases. Both the nurses and the patients were individually interviewed about four times, at about 60 minutes per interview (Park, 2014, p.366). This went on until they came up with new data, which were analyzed from interviews being recorded and transcribed. These data were used for qualitative analysis, to come up with a new…show more content…
This related the concept to certain values like trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, care, and patience. All these are vital in the practice situation, especially when patients are in acute, demoralizing stage, and when they feel helpless or in desperate pain. There has to be these qualities in nurses, for them to offer better services to their patients. With trustworthiness, for example, patients will feel more confident, knowing that the nurses know exactly what they are doing, or what medicines they should give to their patients. With care, patients will feel more at ease and in comfort, since they know that the nurses care for them, in as much as they care for their families and friends. Thus, it is evident how vital and important good character is in the medical field, since nurses and doctors are there mainly to help and support these

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