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We had the 7th Class yesterday for the bilingual course “Essentials of the Learning Sciences”, and the topic of this week was about the design of learning environment. We were the teachers, and it was an awesome experience to play the teacher roles for graduate scholars. Before the class we worked so hard preparing the class materials, and designing PPT slides, actually I had some difficulties to understand some topics, and I found some answers by reading additional materials, papers, But I still need to read more about the theoretical framework for assessments which links learning theories with assessment practicing. • What has happened in the class? o Miss Li Ang the course went well started our class by reviewing our homework, and then I gave a conclusion and…show more content…
o The challenges to conducting the formative assessment in the classroom. o Some solutions like ICTs tools that can help teachers to do assessments o The theoretical framework for formative assessment.  Community-Centered Environments o What is the Community Centered environment refers to. We found, It refers to the classroom as a community, the school as a community, and the degree to which students, teachers, and administrators feel connected to the larger community of homes, businesses, states, the nation, and even the world via social networks or internet technology. o Classrooms and School Communities, in the classroom, learners, and teachers have the freedom to make mistakes in order to learn o Classroom norms can encourage modes of participation that may be unfamiliar to some students. o It is important to attempt to transfer other educational practices from other countries. o The importance of motivations for teachers and students to have the opportunity to share their work with others. o The Television positive and negative effects at home community, such as building children’s beliefs and attitudes, about some academic

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