The Importance Of Diversity In Education

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As an ESL teacher, I think the most important thing to keep in mind is that I need to be flexible and willing to use a mixture of teaching methods since every student learns differently. “The process of L2 learning is very much an individual experience, determined in part by the complex interaction of an individual personality, targeted aspects of the L2, and particular learning events” (Macdonald, Yule, and Powers 90). Therefore, I need a flexible approach to teaching that allows me to adjust methods as needed. Every person who enters a classroom impacts the learning that takes place. I play a large part in what happens in my classroom, and my background certainly impacts this. I was raised in a culture that celebrates diversity. I was raised to appreciate what each individual and culture brings to our world as opposed to seeing them as a threat to my own individuality and culture. Therefore, I try to bring this curiosity and appreciation for others into my classroom. I truly believe that my students and I are equals, and each of us has something to learn from the other. It’s important to consider the impact that both a teacher and a student will have on each classroom. There are several ways…show more content…
I can do this by learning about my students’ backgrounds and interests so I can link them to what we’re studying in class, and so I can use that knowledge to focus on my students’ strengths and abilities. I can also link my students’ L1s to English, and encourage them to help me by teaching me some of their L1. I can provide meaningful tasks that allow ELLs to share their L1s, cultures, interests, and backgrounds with the class too. Allowing students who share the same L1 to use that language to discuss what is being taught in class is also
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