Critical Theory Of Literature: Literature Review In Literature

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2. LITERATURE REVIEW AND THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK 2.1 Passage sight vocabulary Understanding the reading passage begins by the ability to recognize the meaning of words, which is related with the vocabulary knowledge. Aside from the topic familiarity and background knowledge, vocabulary is a main concern that affects the reading comprehension success. Vocabulary itself means the compilation of words which carry the meaning we want to express. Tavakoli and Hayati (2011) also added that, vocabulary is important since it is the words which carry the content we want to express. Furthermore, vocabulary plays an important role in word recognition. To understand a text, students need to be familiar with the meaning of at least 98-99 percent of words…show more content…
One of the strategies to comprehend the text is lexical inferencing. According to Nassaji (2006), inferencing is one of the central cognitive processes which have to do with the ability to interpret the text. Kintsch (as cited in Nassaji, 2006) also added that inferencing exists at all levels of reading comprehension process, it ranges from integrating the text with background knowledge, connecting different parts in the text together and linking unfamiliar to familiar elements in the text in order to derive meaning from the…show more content…
These include contextual cues, world level knowledge, discourse level knowledge and background knowledge. Nagy (as cited in Nassaji, 2006) considers the role of pre-existing knowledge bases and how these knowledge bases influence learner’s strategy use and success. Comer (2012) suggests that there should be a combination of the contribution of both L1 and L2 proficiency in the reading activity. Franzer (as cited in Comer, 2012) also added that L2 reader context alone is not helpful enough to help learner to do lexical inferencing. Other studies done by Haastrup (as cited in Nassaji, 2006), argued that lexical inferencing involves the process of predicting the meaning of unknown words by applying linguistic cues available in the text together with learner’s background

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