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Literature and Environment: An Ecocritical Approach to Haifaa Al-Sanoussi's Departure of the Sea (Abdulhamid Alansary, Dept., of English Language and Literature, Faculty of Arts, Sohag University) ABSTRACT This research paper tries to explain the desire to return to pure nature through the analysis of a work of art ecocritically, namely Haifaa Al-Sanoussi's Departure of the Sea. It also attempts to show how the relationship between man and nature, which had been previously harmonized, has changed and became a heartless and cruel one due to technological and industrial developments and changes. Departure of the Sea is a short story in which the relationship between man and nature has manifested itself. The method of analysis followed in this research paper depends largely on the analysis of interactions that take place…show more content…
According to Howarth, in reading a nature writer, one can work according to a set of informed, responsible principles, derived from four disciplines: ecology, ethics, language, and criticism. He states: Ecology describes the relations between nature and culture…Ethics offer s ways to mediate historic social conflicts. Language theory examines how words represent human and nonhuman life. Criticism judges the quality and integrity of words and promotes their dissemination (71). Howarth explains how the four principles help in reading a work of literature where nature plays an important part. The four principles are of due importance when exploring environmental literature. Each stresses the relations of nature and literature as shifting and moving shapes. Here, the role of an ecocritic is to examine this relationship where human culture is "linked to the physical world and has an effect on the natural world". Therefore, the "ecocritic's job is to negotiate between that which is human and that which is non-human"

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