The Importance Of Information Security

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7.1 INTRODUCTION This chapter summarizes the research project, restates the research problem and lists the research questions. Contributions of the current study to existing knowledge are examined. Implications for academia and for practice are provided, followed by limitations of the research and recommendations for future research. 7.2 OVERVIEW Information security and its management are concerned with people, processes and technology. Whilst the technology itself is relatively objective by nature, the people and processes are influenced by the environment in which they operate. People and processes are influenced by human behavior which might in turn substantially influence the management of information security. Numerous academics have…show more content…
To achieve this goal, the current study developed a socio-technical security framework in order to understand security culture creation in Malaysian e-government. The current study’s major beneficial contribution lies in providing a reliable and valid the socio-technical security framework. Secondly, the socio-technical security framework will also initially assist in assessing the relationship between successful socio-technical factors that influence security effectiveness. The following headings summarize the research implications for the current study. • The current study assists academic researchers to identify research gaps in the information security field from socio-technical aspect, including identifying further empirical research needed in this area. Therefore, the current study assists in filling a major gap in the area of information security from socio-technical aspect. This includes developing a reliable and valid the socio-technical security framework that could be replicated in other environment.…show more content…
To achieve the aim of the study, a socio-technical security measurement framework comprising factors influencing security culture to improve the effectiveness of the information security was developed based on qualitative review of literature findings. Then the framework was assessed and refined using a series of quantitative techniques, specifically Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA), Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA), Structural Equation Modelling (SEM), and nomological validity. These techniques were conducted based on the data obtained from a questionnaire survey of Malaysian e-government. The current study contributed to existing knowledge by providing a valid and reliable socio-technical security measurement framework in addition to providing an initial understanding of the relationship between socio-technical factors influencing security culture to improve the effectiveness of e-government information security. The current study provided practical implications to Malaysia e-government by offering a framework that could explain and provide information about a socio-technical security measurement framework. The framework could improve security effectiveness for Malaysian e-government. Finally, the current study closed with future work recommendations that may assist researchers to enhance and extend the

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