Consumer Analysis: A Model Of Consumer Behavior

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Kotler and Keller (2009) show a model of consumer behavior (see Figure 1), as the first part of this procedure in the whole process, acting as a reaching and communicating point, marketing stimuli have an important function. Many elements can influence the purchase decision-making process such as customer culture, customer characteristics, etc. The ‘wheel of consumer analysis’ also illustrates that there are interactive effects between either two of consumer behaviors, consumer environment and consumer affect and cognition (Peter and Olson, 2010, p. 26-27). As a communication method, advertising is an important way for marketers to promote their products and brands. Humor is a popular element in advertising, although some authors question the…show more content…
Because remembering the products and the brands according to product features and attributes is tough, shaping the product brand personality is becoming more and more important (Govers and Schoormans, 2005), such as Pepsi focuses on energy and young, Coca-Cola is reliable and trustworthy. Some types of human personality may be mirrored in brand; Aaker (1997) has argued that the typical use of brands is possible, and she has suggested that brands can be represented in terms of personality traits, similar to the big-five dimensions of human personality traits that she identified: sincerity, excitement, competence, sophistication, and ruggedness (see Table 1). Sincerity dimension includes wholesomeness, honesty, and being down-to-earth. For example, McDonald uses innocent child and fantasy cartoon roles to communicate a clear and cheerful idea. In one print ad, there are two advertising boards which both have the brand of McDonald and a yellow arrow pointing to the right direction. The brand on the left read 200m and the brand on the right read 197m, which shows that the restaurant is 197m away from the place. The ads want to show McDonald’s products and services are sincerity just like the ads. The excitement dimension includes being daring, spirited, and up-to-date. A television advertising from Heineken shows a scene that when men see a house of Heineken beers, they are as excited as women see a room of new clothes, so they cannot help yelling up excitedly. The ads want to convey that Heineken can bring you an exciting life. The competence dimension includes being reliable, intelligent, and successful. For example, a print ad from Insecticide Company shows a frog holding a sign with a slogan: ‘Work for food’. That means the brand is so reliable that can kill all pests. Utilitarian products are often considered to be related to sincerity and competence, and the use of humor

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