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Many Policy analysts have devised different theories, models and concepts which assist them in understanding and analyzing the different components of the policy making and decision making processes. These theories and models play a very vital role in studying the public policy and suggesting the explanations for a particular policy action. These models set a guideline and road map for the policy makers and tell them where and how they want to proceed with a particular objective. Models also facilitate the policy analysts by setting out the ways and means of analyzing a particular policy or goal. Earlier political theorists and scientists were more focused in theorizing the different concepts of policy making rather than actually studying those…show more content…
Each model and approach focuses on a different area of politics and policy making, and no single policy can cover up all the issues of politics holistically. These models are therefore not a neutral guideline for policy analysis. It purely depends upon what the person is looking for. One model may be best fit for a particular matter and a failure for another policy matter. The best way to deal with the limitations of the models is that person should be not to be rigid and dogmatic in adopting a single model, rather then he should be flexible in moving in and out of a certain model and apply that model which is best suited for attaining a desired objective. The goal should be to obtain an objective explanation for a political inquiry rather than the validation of a preferred model or approach. (Anderson…show more content…
All the procedures such as election campaigns, voters behavior, tact and strategies during the conduct of election is overpowered by the party’s own interest, other things such as perusing democracy and governance rules may follow later. Rational model is also suitable for explaining the foreign policy of any country as each country will choose those options that will be best fit for its own political environment and country’s interest. Some political scientists like Charles E. Lindblom prefer incrementalism over rationalism since according to them it is more realistic and practical approach in solving problems. Incrementalism believes in making small changes in the existing policies rather than radically changing the entire policy. One of the applications of incremental decision making is as

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