The Power Of Power In George Orwell's 1984

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In “1984” George Orwell’s novel it symbolizes that our government could go into a dictatorship if they get too much power. For example North Korea uses censorship, corruption and brainwash to control their citizens. North Korea’s government prevents them from speaking their own mind, from having their freedom. This could be George Orwell mind of an ideal government in his book. A nightmare of a government that could become reality. Imagination is the weapon in the war of reality. An imagination is something that is made up but that can become reality in a matter of seconds. That is where George Orwell’s “1984” wanted to warm people how the government could end up if we give them too much power. Orwell conveys an image of a society that is treated unfairly by its government. The citizens of the novel are being watched every single second, they have slogan that says, ‘big brother is watching you’, “Any sound that Winston made would be picked up by it [the telescreen]” (Orwell 5). This is something that any citizen would like to go through. One word, nine letters, nightmare. A nightmare that you have to…show more content…
Throughout the novel Winston rebelled against the party. His secret rendezvous with Julia, hiding in places that made them think that they were not being watched. But in fact the forgot that “Big Brother is watching you”. Big Brother is the party so they both (Winston and Julia) knew that they were being watched so they had an act of rebellion. While being in the ministry of love, Winston was tortured for his ‘sins’ as a citizens of Oceania. After all at the end of the novel the party had brainwashed Winston or siding with them, “he had won the victory over himself. He loved Big Brother” (Orwell

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