Congress Veto Power

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Congressional decision making is affected by the veto power because The president has the final say in making bills laws. However, if Congress does not agree with the president they are allowed to override the president. Although it is very difficult to override the president it is possible. In order for Congress to override the president, they need to get a ⅔ full house and full senate vote. If Congress knows that the president is so-so about an issue, sometimes they will add a provision that they know the president wants so he will sign it. Congress wanting to override the presidential veto usually ends up in them bargaining and negotiating with the president in order to get what they want. There are different types of vetoes that are used…show more content…
Oversight powers is the power that makes sure the executive branch carries out its laws correctly. As part of the presidents duty, his job is to carry out the laws. Congress however has an important role as well because if they notice that the president is not fulfilling his duty, they are allowed to vote against the president’s legislation. Congress participates in oversight activities. The presidential power as commander in chief influences Congress because Congress has a role in which they can declare war. For example, the War Powers Resolution. The War Powers Resolution is an act that was passed by Congress after the Vietnam War. The goal of the Act was to limit the power of the president in commanding the armed forces. The War Powers Resolution overrode Nixon’s veto, making it a law. It states that the president can commit troops to an armed conflict, but he must notify Congress within 48 hours of committing the troops to the armed conflict. The president must then get approval from Congress within 60 days after the conflict. If Congress does not authorize it within 60 days the troops will be forced to come home. The problem with this is that as the years went on sixty days started to become a very long time for an armed conflict. Today, sixty days is enough time for it to be all over, so sixty days is too long. Congress also has the power to control the funding of the military. Their job is to control the money aspect of the military. This is an important role because with this power Congress is allowed to approve, reject, or change funding for the
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