What Are The Separation Of Powers Of Texas Government

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The U.S. is a federal republic holding the Constitution in great regard. The constitution provides the framework for how the federal and state governments are structured and the limit placed on their powers. Separation of Powers in Texas State Texas state government is made up of three separate branches: legislative, judicial and executive. This constitutional separation of powers ensures that each branch of government fulfills its responsibilities without exceeding its power. The governor, lieutenant governor and the attorney general as well as appointees heads the Executive. . The attorney general heads the Department of Law. Governors serve four year terms, must be at least thirty years of age to be elected and can serve unlimited terms. He/she also appoints members of state agencies with the consent of the Senate. He is also the Commander-in-Chief of state’s military forces. The Executive branch is responsible for implementing and administering the public policy enacted and funded by the Legislative Branch.…show more content…
This means that it is made of two houses. The two houses are the Senate and the House of Representatives. It is responsible for enacting the laws of the State as well as appropriating the money necessary to operate the government such as in making tax laws. It also helps maintain a balanced budget. It also has the power to propose amendments to the Texas Constitution. Members of the House of Representatives serve 2 years while the Senate members serve 4 year terms. The president of the Texas Senate is the Lieutenant Governor. The Texas Legislature has the sole power of removing someone from office (impeachment). Texas has 150 members of the House of Representatives and 31 Senate members (ARTICLE II - Texas State Law

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