Julius Caesar Tragic Hero Essay

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Many of Shakespeare’s plays contain a tragic hero, a heroic figure who possesses a character flaw whose ultimate demise is a result of this fatal flaw. In Shakespeare's The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, a history based on actual events from Roman history, the tragic hero is hard to identify. Although some may argue that Julius Caesar is the tragic hero of this story, after examining the play it is clear Marcus Brutus is much more deserving of the title. One trait often seen in tragic heroes is nobility, possessing high moral principles. Throughout the play, Brutus never deceives anyone without reason. Although he did murder Julius Caesar, it was for the betterment of Rome, not for selfish personal gain. His decision to murder Caesar wasn't…show more content…
In Scene 2 of Act 1, he is hesitant to join Cassius’s conspiracy against Caesar because he does not want to betray Caesar, a man he considered to be a great friend of his. Ultimately he made the decision to join in the plot to assassinate his friend, and Brutus kills Caesar in Act 3, Scene 2 only because he is wary of what will become of Rome if Caesar remains ruler. Killing one’s friend would be a horrible event to experience, and it’s quite easy to feel sorrow for his character because of this. Marcus Brutus still recognizes what an honorable man Caesar was, though, and allows Mark Antony, Caesar’s greatest friend, to speak at Caesar’s funeral even though Cassius did not agree with it. Finally he shows his endearment for others in Act 5, Scene 5. The effect of the assassination of Julius Caesar wasn’t what Brutus had hoped, as the Republic was tossed into civil war. Because of this, Marcus Brutus realizes the horrible mistakes he’s made and ends his own life. Brutus felt such regret and guilt for his actions that he was willing to stab himself with his sword, a pitiful act surely to arouse emotion from the crowd. Overall, because of actions like this, one generally pities and sympathizes with Brutus throughout the

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