Executive Branch Of Government

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The separation of powers was written and explained in the first 3 articles of the Constitution. The framers of the Constitution were afraid that if one man or one small group had too much power, the United States would be ruled by a dictator or tyrant. They wanted to ensure that no one branch of government had too much power. Each article established & explained 1 branch of government. The legislative branch (Congress) makes the laws, decide who and what to tax and how to use the tax money. The executive branch enforces the law. The judicial branch interprets the law. Because of the separation of powers, The government is able to help uphold the laws and treat more people fairly. U.S. citizens can vote and voice opinions. If they do…show more content…
To avoid the risk of dictatorship or tyranny, the new government was divided into three parts: the Executive branch, the Legislative branch, and the Judicial branch. The Executive branch is headed by the president. The Legislative branch is headed by Congress and the Judicial branch is headed by the Supreme Court. The job of the Executive branch is to enforce the laws. This branch is made up of the President of the United States, Vice President, and the major departments of government. The President commands the Armed Forces, carries out federal laws,recommends new laws and vetoes laws. The legislative branch makes the law. The legislative branch is made up of the Congress, which is the House of Representatives and the Senate. Congress also decides on taxation and how to use tax money. The judical branch interprets the constitution, reviews and decides cases involving states rights. THis branch is headed by the Supreme Court. By triple checking everything, government is more likely to represent the needs of more people. The public is also part of the system of checks and balances. If citizens aren’t satisfied with an official, they can choose to not reelect him or
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