America's Lack Of Presidential Power

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Many Presidents have used their justified powers to achieve some major accomplishments. Just as Harry Truman entered the Korean War without Congressional approval and Dwight Eisenhower when he asserted his brinkmanship diplomacy with the CIA to contain communism. However, even though Presidents uphold a strong assertiveness with their power, the constraints on presidential power make the American presidency too weak. Yet, the powers of a President can be of great advantage. The President is entitled to many powers reinforced by the Constitution of the United States. However, presidential power is split by formal and informal powers. Formal powers being the veto power, Executive Order, power of appointment, power of impoundment, pardon power, foreign policy powers, and war powers. The President can use his veto powers to overrule a legislation passed by Congress. Executive order is when the President sets a policy with no prior Congressional approval in means to avoid opposition. The power of appointment grants the President ability to appoint Supreme Court Justices as well as members of his cabinet. This can be of advantage to the president as…show more content…
Along with the powers granted by the Constitution, a president’s ability to persuade can truly impact the mass majority of the population. However, Congress’s power to override most of the president’s actions can result in a weakened presidency. I believe that the American presidency is too weak because of the power Congress holds over the president. A President whose persuasive abilities far surpass just the mass majority and can influence Congress can truly have power. Only then can a president bargain with Congress to get legislation and policies passed in their favor. As these checks and balances set forth by the Constitution limit the extent of presidential powers, it helps sustain a balanced federal government where not one branch has all the

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