House Of Representatives Impeachment Essay

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1. Explain how the impeachment power is split up between the House of Representatives and the Senate. [10 points] 1a: The process of impeachment is divided evenly to ensure proper judgement and fairness. The Constitution states that the House of Representatives has the sole power of impeachment, and the Senate has the sole power to try all impeachments. So basically the House of Representatives investigates and brings the impeachment charges, and the Senate tries the official who is getting impeached. 2. Describe the process by which a bill becomes a law. What are the major steps in the process? What are the main differences in the legislative process between the two chambers of Congress (House of Representatives and Senate)? (This answer…show more content…
2: After a bill is introduced it then goes to a committee which reviews, revises, and decides whether a bill will go back to the House floor or not. 3: Once a bill is sent back to the House of Representatives it is then ready for the members of the House to debate on. 4: Once any last minute changes have been made on the bill, it can then be voted on. 5: If the bill is passed in the House it is sent to the Senate which then follow a process very close to the House's. 6: If a bill is passed in the Senate the bill then goes to the president. 7: Once the president receives the bill he has three choices he can make: 1). The president can sign the bill and it will pass as a law. 2). The president can refuse to sign or veto the bill, in that case it will be sent back to the House along with his reasoning for the veto, and it must be revised and go through the whole process over again. However, if the House of Representatives and Senate believe that the bill should become a law they can hold a vote on the bill. If the bill recieves two-thirds majority vote from both chambers then it is passed and the President's veto is overuled. 3). The president can also choose to do nothing which is called a pocket-veto. If congress is in session then the bill will be automatically passed after 10 days. If congress is not in session the bill will not become a

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