Effects Of Concentration On Osmosis In Potatoes

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The Effects of Concentration on Osmosis in Potatoes The aim of this experiment is to find out which molarity of salt solution creates an isotonic environment to prevent osmosis in potatoes. The water potential of a cell is determined by the solute potential and the pressure potential. Solute potential represents the concentration of a solution and given that adding solutes lowers water potential, this makes it less than zero, (negative). The pressure potential refers to the pressure being applied, the bigger the force inside a cell the more water will be forced out or the uptake of water will be decreased. It always has a positive value because it increases water potential. Osmosis is the diffusion of water across a semi permeable membrane…show more content…
Variations between the first and second experiment – 1st experiment – size 4 cork borer, time potato left in solution 40 mins. 2nd experiment – size 6 cork borer, time potato left in solution 60 mins. Anomalies in first experiment – 0% solution, out of the 3 tests, 2 had an unchanged mass. 1% solution, 2 tests had a big negative % change in mass while the other 1 had a positive. 3% solution – 1 test of the experiment seen a much larger % change in mass compared to the other 2 tests. 4% solution – the same as 3%. These anomalies could have occurred as a result of a number of factors, - Salt solutions not made up correctly - Volume of solution not accurate - Using scales wrong resulting in wrong mass being recorded - Potatoes not cut the same In the second experiment there are no obvious anomalies. Evaluation Both experiments remained accurate to the hypothesis, the information relating to the graphs indicates the direction the water moves in and out of the potato cells when placed in varying concentrations of salt solution. Suggested Improvements • Measure the length of the potato both at the beginning and the end of the…show more content…
Rushing = careless mistakes. • More time to carry out the whole experiment. • Being more accurate when making up the concentrations of salt solution. Conclusion Looking at the graph for the second experiment it tells you that the osmotic point of the potato is 0.675%. The results displayed on the graphs verifies the hypothesis that as concentration of salt solution increases the mass of the potato

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