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Discuss the major philosophical concerns that recur throughout Carmen Laforet’s Novels On the bare face of them, Carmen Laforet’s novels are the stories of women and men struggling through a thinly veiled dictatorship. But under their skin these books have a far deeper meaning; glimpses of freedom, epiphany, one’s true self and fundamental feelings of oneness coinciding with dualism are all at the heart of what Laforet sculpts within her pages. In this essay we will look at and discuss how Laforet approaches the these philosophical issues and equates them with her own view of philosophy in her literature, different from traditional ways of thinking. By looking at the three novels, Nada, La isla y los demonios and La mujer nueva we will peek through Laforet’s eyes to try to understand her meaning of existence and how it can help us see ours. We will see just how the famed, reclusive, enigmatic, Spanish writer hits upon issues that are not only relevant to us all but have been relevant for entirety of human existence.…show more content…
In the first part of this argument we will discuss what freedom is for Laforet, how she attempts to access it and why she decides to tackle this seemingly impossible task. We must also contemplate whether freedom is in fact the protagonist’s true goal or if she is unclear on what her ultimate aims are. It seems that at times Laforet’s protagonists already have a large amount freedom considering the social situation at the time and that in their attempts to acquire a larger amount they end up only further confining themselves. The worlds in which Laforet’s characters live is our first glance into how she presents

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