Conclusion On Fire Safety Management

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Introduction What is fire prevention? Nowadays, the fire safety management or plan of a hotel has become one of the factors that affect hotel guests before they choose the hotel. As we know that fire safety management is a very important concept of providing total safety in a hotel. Fire safety management for a new built hotel should be planned on the design stage of the fire safety provisions using the “engineering approach” while for the existing hotels, the fire safety provisions are recommended to be assessed with a ranking system on the passive building design and active fire protection system by comparing with the new fire codes [Malhotra 1987]. A complete fire safety management plan without all the fire safety systems is not enough…show more content…
The fire safety systems also have to improve day by day to cover the advanced of technology and social. As we can see from the list, staff training is also a part of fire prevention system it is because hotel guests only stay at the hotel for certain days so that hotel staff will be more familiar with the hotel structure. Proper staff training can be help a lot in this case. [Malhotra 1987] Although now we have many equipment with high technology to protect us when fire happen but human behavior is still a most important factor that causes death and injuries in the fire accidents. So that, we are try to find out what is people actually do and what people should do when fire happened in the…show more content…
There are four main factors that occupants of the hotel ignore the fire alarm when it was ringing. • Failure to recognize the signal as a fire alarm. • Unaware of the proper response. • Loss of confidence in the system because of nuisance alarms. • Failure to hear the signal. Many of them will think it as a fire drill and ignore it when the fire alarm is ringing. They might lose their life when the ringing fire alarm is for real emergency. Fire burned a six story hotel in Manila and causes 75 people death in this accidents and another 57people in hospital with third degree burns. [, 2001]. It’s a real news that hotel guest and staff death or injured in the fire due to lack of awareness of emergency, ignore the fire alarm ringing and lack of emergency exits. In the first place, the fire alarm is expected to warn occupants of a fire. So that occupants have advised not to ignore the fire alarm when it was ringing and tries to escape to a safety area that have already designed by the hotel management when emergency happen as soon as

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