Truss Construction Shop Case Study

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Truss Construction Shop is a company that produces cost-effective trusses with the promise of “cutting edge” construction technology. Recently, the company experienced a workplace accident that resulted in an employee being seriously injured. It is now the company’s responsibility to investigate how and why this accident occurred and how to prevent it in the future. The accident has created some concerns for employees and customers. The company must now work to ensure the employees’ safety is the company’s priority and guarantee the customers that the product they are receiving is of good quality. The following will discuss the explanation of the issue, analyze the information, highlight alternative viewpoints and offer conclusions and recommendations.…show more content…
What is not known is if the employees received answers about the manufacturing or engineering process being the cause of failure or if the trusses being produced are liable to fall under load (UMUC, n.d.). Did the company conduct safety training after the incident occurred? What additional measures, if any, were taken or implemented to prevent this accident from happening again? Has this happened before? It appears there are some communication issues within the company. While the company is informing the employees to concentrate on production but test at a reduced threshold and managers are encouraging them to continue with the current schedule, so the trusses orders can be met. Why are the employees getting two different set of instructions? How are the members of management relaying their messages to the employees or making sure they have received the messages? Is everyone on the same accord on what exactly is wanted from the employees? The Sales department is concerned about delayed shipping decreasing revenue (UMUC, n.d.). If the employees continue to operate at the same level of production but with a possible faulty product, then the company’s sales will be affected more. Can the company withstand a short shipping delay to ensure the product is up to…show more content…
The reason Habib decide to go to the press is not known. Asking questions about how Habib felt about the company or supervisors could lead to a possible motive. What did Habib have to gain from leaking information to the press? Habib was terminated two weeks after informing the press of the accident citing poor performance as the reason why he was fired. It is not known whether Habib’s termination was due to leaking the information. Had Habib been properly counseled about his poor performance? Did the company possibly fire Habib in retaliation for providing the press with information? Has the company violated any laws by firing Habib? The company released a statement saying they acted to prevent a workplace accident such as this from being repeated. It is not clear what actions the company took. How will an accident of this nature be prevented in the future? What is the company’s normal protocol for presenting information to the

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