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I frankly and truly believe that I can contribute to make a difference in education industry of Maldives. With an experience of 12 long years as a teacher, the limits that I have set for myself is no boundaries. I taught many students throughout my career and can definitely help and motivate them to become better citizens. Teaching is a noble profession to make the children realize and help them to reach their potential. At present, I feel I have reached the maximum opportunity of challenge in my career with my current academic level and am looking for additional qualification to become a more productive leader in my career for the Native community. Overall, I anticipate a post graduate program will guide me towards social justice in this…show more content…
My self-description is as a determined, patient, and a very hard working. To be more successful in the career by helping students and my education institution, I need to increase my knowledge of the fundamental areas of Educational leadership. I am confident to lead the Maldives through proper guidance into the 21st century of education. In my experience so far, I have experienced different types of principals who had implemented effective and ineffective teaching methods in my school for the betterment of results. Most of the unsuccessful principals had poor or an unjustifiable set of leadership skills. To become a successful principal, one must have leadership skills and ability to inspire others, with an interest of continuous improvement. I would like to be a part of Maldives Ministry of educations Key Stage education program developing team to help the country to be independent in designing a curriculum which suits our future requirement. Our current curriculum designed in a way that one-size-fits-all approach, which needs to be more diverse to suit different skill set of our students. I will be able to contribute for the development of quality educational programs, which should be funded, and…show more content…
The destiny of mine is like most students, to go on to further education, complete a post graduate and inspire others to do the same. A post-graduation certainly helps me to be more intelligent and intellectual and it would help future generations to follow, as active participants and role models. In addition to obtaining a master’s degree in Education, Leadership and participating in the event of student success a postgraduate program will enrich my educational experience by engaging myself in such topics as organization theory, school law, negotiations, and even finance in education. One of my long-term goals is to serve the community as an administrator, meeting objectives that measure just how well middle schools and the district are

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