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The core objective of this Quality and Hygiene Audit Report was to evaluate the quality, food preparation, hygiene, and sanitation practices of a Chinese Takeaway in an open kitchen where you can see the person preparing and cooking the food in GLENROY Noodle & Sushi Bar. Food safety describes the proper handling, preparing, and storing of food that prevents foodborne illness because of food contamination. It includes procedures to monitor & control risks and corrective actions taken to avoid health hazards. Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) standard code comprises of systematic regulations for a food business to function safely, including receiving and storing food. One of the main requirements for making and storing safe food is…show more content…
• There were no temperature records of the Sushi on display bar. • Used cleaning rag and tongs on top of the custom cold food bar. Staff left a bottle of cleaning product and a plastic serving spoon on the bench next to the deep fryer. • Floors in the preparation area are not anti-slip vinyl or tiles floor that is easier to clean. Half of the space of the open kitchen, staffs, was standing on cardboard which can be hazardous and may rapidly develop a breeding for bacteria. Surfaces were not maintained and not in good condition. • The stainless steel shelves were near to the ground which does not allow cleaning underneath. • The staff is not wearing a hair net and hand gloves when preparing food. • The clutter of empty boxes noted on the shelves. Recommendations Refer to Appendix 1 • I mentioned to the owner that storing food in the fridge must have a cover, label with date. The use of inventory method by rotating stock – first in, first out rule (FIFO). • Use of Standard Recipe Cards for consistent food quality, food cost control, and inventory control and to reduce wastage of food and…show more content…
The food handler should wear a hairnet to prevent hair contamination and bacteria. Staff must regularly wash hands. • Cutting board must be in good condition and free from scratches. To use HACCP approved color coded cutting boards because it is an important tool to improve hygiene in the kitchen. • Stainless steel shelves must be high enough to allow easy cleaning underneath; this must be at least 20 – 25 cm off the surface or floor. • Kitchen floor must be anti-slip vinyl or tiles flooring that are easier to clean to avoid breeding of bacteria and to lessen the risk of a slip accident. • Empty the kitchen bins before it overflows. Conclusions Hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP) is useful for the food safety management, and the approach of monitoring serious points in food handling to prevent food safety problems. There was minor, and major nonconformance’s noted on the practices of food hygiene in GLENROY Noodle & Sushi

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