Fire Safety Regulations

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There are several different type of fire safety measures for the buildings in different country such as Malaysia, United Kingdom, United States and Australia. These different type of fire regulation will indicate the different type of requirement for the fire safety measure of the buildings. However, the main purpose of these different fire regulation is to make sure that the fire safety of the building and the safety of the building occupants can be guaranteed. The table 1.0 is the summary of the different requirement for the different fire regulation in different country. In Malaysia, there are sufficient Acts to ensure fire safety in buildings such as Fire Services Act 1988. Under this regulation, the fire certificate is needed for the building…show more content…
The building owner is responsible to apply for the fire certificate. This fire certificate is issued by Fire and Rescue Department Malaysia (FRDM) and the Fire officer is the one who is competent to inspect the building. The fire certificate should be done annually to make sure the fire safety of the building. If the building fire safety measure not met by fire officer’s requirement, the FRDM will not issue any fire certificate and the building owner need to do some alteration to fulfill the requirement of the fire officer. FRDM has played an important part in ensuring that all fire safety regulations are being met. However, the assistance of the industry players such as the designers, installers, operators, contractors, insurance industry and building owners are vital in making sure that the fire safety regulations are being met. One of the issues that needs to be addressed are the shortage of local experts in Malaysia such as the small number of locals who are experts in the Fire Engineering - Performance Based…show more content…
But depending on type of project and its location, guidelines and legislations may differ. Federal and non-federal projects have different guidelines to follow, as well as each state or city. Looking back in time, big cities were used to have their own building codes but because of some complexities they chose to follow a model code which is International Building Code. For example New York stopped using its building code in 2008 but Chicago is the only city which uses its own building code (Municipal Code of Chicago). Fire safety regulations are being applied for both new and existing buildings in terms of saving life (life safety codes) and also property protection (fire codes). There are some other codes that are related to fire safety as well, such as electrical codes for electrical systems namely power, emergency system, communication, etc. and mechanical codes for mechanical systems like air circulation. However, for the fire safety regulation of the building, the building owner need to apply for the permit to prove that the building is fulfilled the fire safety requirement. To achieve this, the building owner need to do the fire safety inspection by hiring fire official. After that, authority having jurisdiction will decide whether to issue the permit to the building or not base on the fire official assessment report.

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