Priority Patient Safety Issues In Nursing

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In this article, Priority Patient Safety Issues Identified by Perioperative Nurses, we learn that there are a number of adverse events and unreported near misses that occur every day. With that being said, there are many priority patient safety issues that have been identified by perioperative nurses. The survey that was conducted examines nurses all over the 5 regions of the United States, comparing the different priorities they consider to be the highest of concern. Not only that, but the survey looks at different factors of the nurse as an individual, again, comparing the data. The survey concluded with 10 of the highest priority patient safety issues, which was chosen by the nurses themselves. Literature Review The article discusses the…show more content…
This study could be easily repeated whether it was within the same organization, AORN, or perioperative nurses within a hospital or ASC. In regards to the results being consistent with other studies, it could be considered to be consistent. There are a number of other studies that focus on patient priority safety issues, but each list will differ depending on the participants of the study. Application in Practice In terms of a nursing perspective, I gained the knowledge of the number of patient safety issues. The perioperative nurses are able to witness the unreported near misses that occur on a daily basis. Their response through this survey allowed people who don’t work as a perioperative nurse to use the knowledge they have provided to prioritize intervention and activities to protect the patient. This information can be used for educational programs to help perioperative patient care become safer. As a patient’s perspective, knowing that the a survey was conducted to spread knowledge about patient safety issues, it gives hope that more nurses will be educated on the issues to decrease the adverse events and near misses that occur during perioperative…show more content…
In order to decrease the amount of adverse events and unreported near misses, it’s important that nurses are aware of the different patient priority safety issues as well as being educated on how to avoid the issues. The information that was collected through the survey can be a vital source for patient education and resources to increase safe patient care in the hands of a perioperative nurse. All in all, there are many safety issues to consider and every region, place, and nurse considers different issues to be the highest

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