Disadvantages Of Strike In Africa

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So the conclusion that is drawn is it clear that a strike is there to teach the workers so that they can understand what the employer’s strength are and what the workers strength consist of. If does not teach them to only think of their own employers or own immediate workmates but also all the other employers as well as the capitalists of the whole class. Strikes also opens up the eyes of the workers to the nature and not only the capitalists but also the government as well as the laws. Overall the main reasons about the strikes that occur in SA is that, the employees are dissatisfied with the company policies, the problems with their salaries and incentives, even when the working men are wrongful discharge or based on dismissal and also the hours of work including rest intervals that should be addressed.…show more content…
So it is unlikely that to which an organised labour movement will be able to achieve greater economic equality and the prosperity of mandating the working class without such confidence. The trade unions has also rose to the prominence at point when the industrialized countries were growing at a staggering rate, when the job-security was non-existent and often the employee safety was secondary to the profits. So in spite of it all many of the issues are corrected today in a large part through the work of the unions. The modern unions have shifted their focus to number of target issues while working with the management to protect the member’s interest of them in those

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