Disaster Management Case Study

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An investigation of implementation influences of development planning and disaster risk reduction by a National Disaster Management Office: A Case Study RESEARCH DESSERTATION BY MPHO THORA MODIEGA STUDENT NUMBER: 100386353 Submitted as partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree MASTER OF SCIENCE (Strategic Management) Supervisor Dr Aubrey Mbewe UNIVERSITY OF DERBY AUGUST 2016 DECLARATION This is a statement that affirms that the work contained in the dissertation is your own, and that all sources used have been acknowledged by way of a complete reference/bibliography. TABLE OF CONTENTS ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Research…show more content…
In the preceding era (10 years), resilience and capacity building in developing countries has been emphasised and facilitated by the United Nations Forum (UN report, 2003). To date, the country, has experienced disasters of different hazards and magnitude, the common being the wind storms, floods and wildlands fires. A challenge has been however that there has not been a quantified loss report on the damage caused by the disaster incidences that occur. (National Disaster risk reduction Strategy, 2013…show more content…
The Office of the District Commissioner (ODC), which represent the Office of the President at local level, implement the National Policy on Disaster Management. The ODC, until recently, was one of the three arms of MLG & RD at local level, the other two being the District Council and the Tribal Administration. The role of the ODC is to coordinate development and the implementation of the government programmes and projects, disaster management included, for all departments at the district level (Revised District Planning Handbook, 2010). The authority and responsibility of the disaster management has been place with the ODC, as a cascade from the national framework in which the Office of the President (OP), which coordinates the activities of all

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