Birmingham International Airport (BIA)

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Introduction Birmingham International Airport (BIA) is an international airport located at Bickenhill in England. This essay aims to examine the management operations of BIA. We will discuss the micro-operations of BIA, problems and the duties operations director faces in the day-to-day operations. Also, the relationship between day-to-day tasks and long-term issues will be discussed and the explanation how operational director manages to oversee both at the same time is followed by. Micro-operations of BIA Micro-operation is the total pattern of decisions and actions which set the role, objectives and activities of each part of the operation so that they contribute to business operation strategy (Pycraft et al. (2000) p.73). Transformation…show more content…
The main transformed resource is the site including toilets, duty free shops and restaurants. The transforming resource is maintenance staff such as a facilities management team and an engineering services team. Output is clean and maintained site, and customers are users of the site. Jobs of the operations director One of the jobs of operations director is to oversee about 600 BIA employees. He also manage day-to-day operations and the short and medium-term operational planning, including managing the terminal buildings and other facilities such as airport security and maintenance of the whole site. Overseeing the operational planning of new building projects in long-term design and development is also his job duty. In addition, he takes tasks in providing the infrastructure for all the other organizations on-site and off-site, and leadership and coordination for them. Monitoring and improving the environment, and coordinating and setting the safety and customer service standards are his duty too. He needs to make a real difference to both passengers and airlines customers. Also, he contributes to the impact on the local economy by encouraging inward investment and exports. Main issues or problems in managing the…show more content…
Richard Heard day-to-day work Richard is the BIA’s Operations Director. His main job duty is to coordinating, managing and leading operational activities. So in his day-to-day work, he ensures that the daily operation is on schedule. Since there may be dynamic changes in the airport every day, he needs to spend time to review and develop processes that plan again and get everything to be thought through. He also approves slot allocations with airlines, maintains safety management systems and keeps the fire crew fully trained, which meet the regulations and guidelines from Civil Aviation Authority. Also, he also needs to deal with day-to-day problems from both passengers and planned schedules. The problems are recorded down and weekly communication meetings would be held to get the operations and duty managers to work with the operational planning department. Relationship between the day-to-day tasks and the long-term

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