Argumentative Essay On The Education System In America

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America’s Education System is Failing Malala Yousafzai once said, “One child, one teacher, one pen and one book can change the world.” Academic education is crucial for a successful life, without education the world would be chaotic. School education plays a significant role in everyone’s life. Every kid has a specific goal in life, whether it is becoming a doctor, teacher, or engineer. Without an education, these students’ dreams will be unexecuted. Recently, the amount of dropouts in the United States has dramatically increased compared to other countries. A study conducted showed researchers that "Americans with a high school diploma performed about the same as high school dropouts in other countries" (Emanuel). This study is informing…show more content…
The dropouts negatively impact America, and in fact, “dropouts cost taxpayers between $320 billion and $350 billion a year in lost wages, taxable income, health, welfare, and incarceration costs” (Zhao). In America, a student drops out every 26 seconds (Zhao). For every teen that drops out, the unemployment rate steadily increases. Therefore, Congress should make drastic changes in America’s education system to improve the future of America. By refining daycare programs, Congress will improve the education system. Today, daycare programs do not teach anything to young children. Instead, these children spend their time in front of the television. Therefore, America should adopt Finland’s daycare program. For example, children in Finland do not start school until they turn 7. The Finnish National Agency for Education believes that it’s essential for children to play. In daycare/kindergarten, children spend about 90 minutes a day outside. Finland's daycares focus on making the kids happy and helping them socialize with other children. While this may be true, numerous amounts of parents believe this will slow down the curriculum, and their children will not learn anything.

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