Computer Simulation In Game Design

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Computer simulation is one of the most effective ways to study complex systems. Creating computer models easier and more convenient means, as calculated experi- ments can be used. Real experiments are not always beneficial from a financial point of view or impossible due to unforeseen results. Building a computer model based on the abstraction of natural phenomena or objects. Computer modeling is prodnevnye computational experiments using a computer, the purpose of which is the analysis, interpretation and comparison of the simulation results with the actions of the object. Computer modeling is used in various spheres of human activity - construction of vehicles, flight simulator for training pilots, weather forecasting, strategic management…show more content…
Galkin, Sukhov, J. Yugay). Among Western experts can be called works of R. Koster, E. Zimmerman, S. Rogers and J. Schell. The work "The Art of game design. The book lenses" Jesse Schell will be discussed in this article, the won is important to study because here we consider just the aesthetic specificity of game design, as well as the complex mechanism the creation of computer games makes it possible to trace the process from the beginning to the end . The aim of our study is to consider game design as one of the areas of computer simulation, as well as its basic…show more content…
Computer game - a computer program or part of a computer program that is used for the organization of the gameplay (gameplay), communication with other players, or acts as a partner in the game. The study of computer games is a relatively new trend in the development of social sciences and humanities. More common is the social psychological aspect, especially topics related to child and adolescent development. Also worth noting is the lack of significant scientific work in this area, have the advantage of advertising articles and scientific benefits that only show the process of creating the game, or this or that element of it. But in this article, a computer game will be considered as a phenomenon of modern culture and popular culture. This phenomenon is quite complex, since it contains a lot of different measurements - philosophical, historical, aesthetic, communicative and others. First of all, it should be noted that the video game industry is only part of a more general concept of "game", but with the evolution of their own forms of the game and experience that gets the player. In his work "Homo ludens» [1] Johan Huizinga deploys thesis about the nature of the culture of the game He calls some basic features of the game as compared to other types of human activity can be distinguished among them..: 1) The game is the opposite of

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