Reflection Of Human Learning

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Prologue: Being a student of this course is deepening my insights into nature of human learning and as an individual, my views, notions, thoughts and ideas on environmental, social, cultural and other global perspectives – a fact that these are not segregated zones but inseparable within the wholeness of human existence. A realization that learning is becoming is being experienced – what humans learnt and how they learnt is what they became and what they produced, which has been feeding back into their evolution, environments and existence to current state. 1) Evolving understanding with this course: Learning in absence of action is passive and corrosive. Learning process happens in action, through “doing”. Learning is doing and cannot be dissected as theory and practice. Learning is doing and therefore is “active” in every moment of a human’s life. Learning is experiencing; experiencing through reasoning, criticizing, and inquiry. The experiences with readings, class conversations and reflections during this course are reconstructing traditional beliefs and seeding existential perspectives on learning. Knowing the process of learning is developing deep…show more content…
This transaction feeds back into the habits and therefore humans are always “habiting”. This triggers a need to understand and further examine the role of habits and habiting in context of designing for learning. Conflicts of habits cause disruptions resulting in a sense of uneasiness. This sense could be a “stage” for onset of inquiry and critical thinking. A potential cause for boredom that learners sense while learning could be absence of disruptions. Absence of factors that could cause uneasiness about a situation may lead to lack of motivation to inquire further. This may result in a show of withdrawal symptoms from learning a “subject”. Investigating further, the following ideas are surfacing for designing for

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