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Flight simulators are being used for the evaluation of the performance of the aircraft and also for research purposes. Most of the training and research which was previously done on an aircraft is now done in an artificial setup called flight simulator. With the passage of time more sophisticated flight simulators are being developed to meet the increasing demand in civil aviation and military. In military various simulation techniques are being employed in the aviation technology to train amateur pilots about both fixed and rotary wing aircraft flight. This reduces the cost of training as well as lessens the probability of aircraft accidents during pilots’ trainings. An aircraft is made up of a large number of components. Special care during the manufacture of each component is necessary for the flawless flight of the…show more content…
Difference between flight training devices and flight simulation training devices: Flight training devices have less fidelity than flight simulation training devices. Flight simulation training devices provide a wide range of ways for training than a flight training device. Various conditions can be added to augment the trainee to excel in his training through simulation. Such versatile actions are not possible in a flight training device. So, flight simulation training devices are way much better than flight training devices for primary level training. The fidelity of a flight simulation training device is measured by a factor called “Flight Transfer”[3]. The Flight Transfer is often expressed as the ratioof the number of hours of aircraft training which can be replaced by the number of hours of simulator training. So, a large number of tasks are carried out on the synthetic training device to measure its fidelity. Sometimes, all the tasks can be performed on the simulator based training device and give a better output than FTDs. While in other cases simulator based training device in combination with airborne devices is used for

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