Computer Science: My Computer As A Personal Computer

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My Thirteenth birthday was an expedient birthday I ever had, a personal computer by my father, was something that changed my way of life. The natural tendency of fascination towards new things resulted in an inclination towards the world of computers. Along with the birthday present, my curriculum added fuel to my propensity for computers. During my high school, my cousin introduced me to the “SIXTH SENSE TECHNOLOGY” by Pranav Mistry. The thought of making it an “OPEN SOURCE” grabbed my attention. This made me to arrive at a juncture, where I decided Computer Science as my field of study. It was my sixth grade when for the first time I stepped into the computer laboratory in my school. Microsoft Office was the first chapter I came across in…show more content…
This was all due to two incidents. First, when my Grandmother passed away at the end of the first year of my college. It was a huge emotional setback for me. I was not able to concentrate on my academics, which resulted in three backlogs. It was time for recovery after that incident when I successfully managed to finish my second semester with good scores. The next incident happened during my third semester exams. The chemical factory where my father works encountered a technical problem, the reactor blew out and the problem was disastrous. This got me worried and disturbed during the day of my microprocessor exam. I was very much worried for my father who was at the company during this incident. When I came to know about my father’s safety, it was a sigh of relief. This made me perform better in the next exams. These are the main reasons for my failures in the initial stage but later I was able to cope up with my academics and maintained a gradual rise in my performance. After my failures I managed to score distinctions in consecutive four semesters that…show more content…
I always want technology to reach the social and economic roots of the people. This can be achieved by proper and organized scientific research which should be developed on modern lines, so that common man can enjoy the fruits of the outcomes which are a result of technology. For this to happen both quantitative and qualitative technical personnel are required. Then we can expect the world to be a better place to live. I want to be a part of that change which will make life simpler and comfortable to the common man. Hence, I want to study and explore further, get adapted to the latest technologies and play a crucial role in the field of innovations. This can be fulfilled by doing a Master’s program in the United States of America, which is the hub for technological innovative mindsets and also a place with abundant research

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