Oil Palm Plantation Case Study

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ENGLISH FOR PROFESSIONAL PURPOSES PBI 1012 (ASSESSMENT 3: Report Writing - 10%) Group Members’ Names 1. Lay Wei Hong - 41773 2. Kalaivani Kovindan - 41630 3. Dayang Nurhannyfah Binti Abg Mohamad Adawi - 41007 4. Brandon Anak Giri - 40742 Instructor’s Name Miss Feona Albert Date of Submission 7 August 2015 Felda Global Ventures Holdings, Bhd. Interoffice Memo DATE : 27 July 2015 TO : Abdul Halim Ahmad, Head of Palm Upstream Cluster FROM : Lay Wei Hong, Junior Executive LWH SUBJECT : Reduction in crops for oil palm plantation Felda Global Ventures Holdings (FGV), incorporated as a private limited company in 2007, operated as the commercial arm of Federal Land Development Authority (FELDA). It is currently focusing on agriculture…show more content…
The less risk, the chosen rate is higher together with the highly targeted chemicals eg. Pheromones. If the less risk method does not provide a very effective result, then better and additional prest control methods would be replaced eg. Targeted spraying of pesticide (United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 2014). Figure 2: The number of pest and crop production of oil palm plantation before and after the Integrated Pest Management (IPM). (Left A: Before IPM, Right B: After IPM; The black dots represents the number of pest while the unfilled dots represents the crop production.) (Source: http://www.intechopen.com/source/html/42604/media/image4.png) Average production cost per hectare is calculated at Tk 177,513(58.3Tk equals to 1USD(Rm 3.85). Pesticide cost, the single higest cost item , consitutes 32% of total cost of production (Alam et al.,2003) Several agriculture companies have used IPM technique as one of the ways to reduce the damaging of oil palm field by the pest such as the Sime Darby Plantation, one of the largest agriculture companies in Malaysia. The Sime Darby Company had used this technique since 1990s and to-date, and over 329, 000 hectares of oil palm plantation is managed under IPM (Sime Darby Plantation,

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