Descriptive Writing In The Rainforest

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The gloomy clouds bellowed a deep rumble and the sky unleashed its bounty of raindrops. I’m not sure why surprise overtook our faces, we were zipping through a rainforest after all. Unlike the others, the root of my surprise came from the fact that I was actually flying within the treetops. I’m not one to take risks, but somehow I always find myself in situations like these. What began as a simple stop in Honduras, turned into an experience that has never managed to escape my memory. My family and I trekked up the rickety wooden steps to the first platform. My harness was latched and tightly gripping my body, keeping the butterflies that threatened to escape from the depths of my stomach. A weathered strap bore into my chin to keep my helmet in place and a large glove enveloped my tiny, child hand. The rich green of the trees surrounded us like a guiding presence to adventure. The group came to a sudden halt, the line towered over our heads and extended into a vast place that seemed to never end. My mind frantically hunted to remember all of the safety instructions, but the time had arrived to zipline through the rainforest. A short, dark man approached me as a goofy smile of pure joy danced across his features. “Are you ready to go?” he asked me in his exuberant…show more content…
We then began the trek to the next platform and with each line we soared down, I felt myself enjoying the experience beyond what I imagined. I tested my limits to discover how far back I could lean and even released a scream or two on the steeper lines. I loved the sensation of the exhilarating wind in my face and racing so fast that the fresh mud from my shoes splattered onto my white t-shirt. About halfway through our experience, something occurred that caught us unprepared and unsuspecting. The threatening clouds delivered on their promise of rain and unleashed all they had been

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