Acupuncture In Western Medicine

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Contemporary medical practices have recently emerged with the continuous development in technology. These practices, majority originating from the West, offered a better and healthier world by accomplishing many astounding success over various diseases through the help of modern enhancements. But the enhancements in the medical field for the past decades did not invalidate the ancient traditions of the Chinese. Westerners would agree that not all health problems are addressed predominantly well by this, thus they resort to other “traditional” methods. Acupuncture is one of those remarkable traditions which recently became a major revolution in Western medicine. Acupuncture, known to originate from ancient China, is a traditional practice that…show more content…
As mentioned in the paper written by D. Allchin, acupuncture analgesia was somewhat paradoxical for Westerners. Sharp needles, rather than cause pain, alleviates pain which made some Westerners skeptical about this surgical “demonstration”. The Westerners also lack adequate explanation on the pattern of acupuncture points or even their distribution. They studied the correlation of the acupuncture points and the skin areas with low electrical resistance and some used electrical “point finders” to identify and specify points in treating animals with acupuncture. It was soon noted by American physicians that the acupuncture points of the East corresponds to the hypersensitive points that stimulate the sensation in pain called (Western) “trigger points”. Yet the Westerners still cannot explain the pattern of the points according to the traditional Chinese acupuncture especially the sometimes distant effect of needling at a particular point or how acupuncture relieve pain at distant locations in the…show more content…
The Eastern interpretation of the method of acupuncture may not be acceptable to the Westerners regardless of the fact that that same widely used remarkable method of alleviating pain in the West originated from the East. It seemed like acupuncture set a hole in the Western science’s Achilles Heel. It was something great but unexplainable and something that somehow violates their scientific laws. The struggle lies on how this method will turn out to be valid and acceptable when the simple reason that the method is effective and demonstrates efficacy, is simply not satisfactory to Western

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