Personal Statement Essay: My Passion For Computer Science

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I still remember vividly the day when I was a 4th-grade student in the science fair among all the 9th-grade students of my school, the only student with robots in her exhibit. Demonstrating the three Lego Mindstorms RCX robots (Humanoid, Line follower, and Bumper robot) that I had constructed and programmed. All through the day, I got an overwhelming response, with teachers, students, and their parents appreciating my work. The day was arduous, but I enjoyed every bit of it and realized robots and I have an ineffable relationship. The rich amalgamation of Physical and Mathematical Science is the endearing feature of Robotics which inspired me. It motivated me to study robotics as a career, to be able to create robots with a ‘living’ presence. Consequently, I decided to take Computer Science (CS) as my major during my junior year of high school. I express my passion for robotics through creative means and one such example is my Lego Mindstorms NXT robot, created to solve the Rubik’s cube. Continuing with my passion for Computer Science and…show more content…
Both my parents are ‘differently abled’ and this is one of the reasons for my strong desire to build technologies to make their and other people's lives better. In the CS Department, I’m particularly inspired by the state-of-the-art projects in Dr. Steven M. LaValle’s The Motion Strategy Lab. The work on Wild Bodies to effectively solve problems such as exploration, coverage, searching, and patrolling is novel. The Cognitive Computation Group’s work on computational foundations of intelligent behaviour led by Dr. Dan Roth is unique. The idea of this group that learning has a central role in intelligence coincides with that of mine. The work on the project Flying Superintendents by Dr. Derek W. Hoiem also inspires

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