Why I Want To Study Computer Science Sop Essay

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Since my childhood, I have had a proclivity for subjects like Mathematics and Physics that involve analytical thinking. Consistent grades in Mathematics and Sciences kindled inspiration to pursue my career in Aeronautical Engineering. Throughout my studies in engineering, I have consistently performed well in all my core subjects. Today as I stand at the threshold of new pathway of learning. I without hesitation have chosen to pursue my masters in the field of Computer Science, the field that extracts the most for me and draws the best of my abilities. It was my first year in college. I had a chance to take up computer programming as part of my curriculum. I still remember the good times I used to spend in the Computer Science lab typing out programs in C-language. As a result of my interest, I came to know that I had a natural inclination towards computers, which has now become a desire, a driving force to pursue my Masters in Computer Science. I choose Computer Science because it is the key to solving the world’s most crucial problems of our life. During the last four years of undergraduate study, I had the opportunity to study a wide spectrum of courses, ranging from basic courses to…show more content…
I perceive the challenging milieu from my seniors who are pursuing their graduation in USA now. The rejuvenating environment of your esteemed university made me feel that it will be the perfect place for me to pursue my graduation. I firmly believe that under the guidance of your highly competent staff, I will mould my career resolutely for the better. In view of my educational background and experience, I request you to consider me for a Graduate School Fellowship or a Graduate School Assistantship. I eagerly look forward to be a part of your scholastic

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