Truckload Shipping Case Study

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3.0 SERVICES OFFERED PLS’ proprietary web-based transportation management system – PLS PRO – ensures that every freight move is optimized and tendered at the lowest cost, meeting service requirements while providing increased visibility through tracking, administration and reporting. They provide the right solution for their customer’s business, adapting to what the customer specific needs and requirements. PLS Logistic Service Provider offered a various type of truckload shipping. The type of the truckload shipping will be explain in further explanation. 3.1 Dry Van Freight Services Dry van shipping is the most common type of freight transportation in the US. Dry van trailers, or enclosed box trailers, could be described simply as a box on…show more content…
They have one of the most extensive flatbed trucking networks in the industry, allowing them to secure the capacity necessary to handle all of their customer flatbed shipping needs. Their flatbed shipping experts are able to move the customer freight – no matter its size. They can also provide their service even the shipment is too wide or too heavy for a lift gate, and needs machinery or cranes to be unloaded, or the shipment are going to a destination without a loading dock, requires side unloading – they can move it. PLS’ flatbed shipping experts have the tools and relationships to obtain capacity and move their customer freight safely and on-time. Whether the customer need regularly contracted flatbed deliveries, a spot shipment or a long haul, they will help the customer choose the most efficient route and the best flatbed trailer for their freight. They are the experts in flatbed shipping with over two decades of experience. 3.3 Refrigerated…show more content…
PLS logistics assure true cost-savings and guaranteed on-time deliveries by their expertise and network. Multi-modal fright services are recommended when it is difficult to find capacity to the destination or when a certain route or mode is too costly. This is a problem that will not happen due to the expertise of PLS Logistics in multi-modal freight service. Choosing the best mode of transportation is a crucial step in shrinking time and cost of moving freight between a shipper and point of purchase. There are pros and cons of every mode of transportation but with multi-modal freight service that PLS logistics offers it will minimize the cons and maximize the pros by utilizing more than one mode of transportation. In logistics, minimizing the cost is the main objective of every company and logistics is one of the item that usually cost a lot. Therefore, finding a way to minimize the cost is mandatory. By using multi-modal freight services, it is possible to minimize the cost especially a combination of truck and rail, provides significant cost savings due to less handling and lower fuel consumptions. This is the service that PLS Logistics provide to their

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