Computer Crime Act 1997 Case Study

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Computer Crimes Act 1997 As the technology were develop into better way nowadays, computers been upgrade into more sophisticated approach and application with the using of the networking concept. With this development, it is true that were said by Nazura Abdul Manap (2003) that crimes increase along the development of computer technologies and internet. It is because most all of our routine activities daily are involving with computers and internet. For examples at works, at home or even when we are cooking we still accessing internet and using computers to download recipes. Computers are not just been access by people who works but also for housewives and teenagers but it is become an issue when they don’t have knowledge in accessing and utilizing…show more content…
Officially, Computer Crime Act 1997 has three main offences such as unauthorized access to computer materials or also known as hacking stated in section 3, unauthorized access with intent to commit or facilitate commission of further offence or also known as cracking stated in section 4, and unauthorized modifications of the contents of any computers stated in section 5. All of the details are easy to be access by Malaysian along with the punishment details so that they can be more understand about the…show more content…
Organizations are protecting different type of information or records and they will create their own policy disregard to the type of information they have. The policies may include of the authority, rules for the staff and do’s and don’t in the organization. An example of policy relating to the information is the privacy policy. This policy can be found in the official website and any commercial website which they use this policy to attract user to access. According to Moulinos, K. (2004) privacy policy can be defined as a privacy practices that were making use set of rules governing the organizational regarding personal data protection and documented in a statement. The role of the policy is to help users trust the web site, companies with an online utilization with the application of data protection. One of the policy that cover the security of the information in any website that we governed for example Malaysian e-government site that put forward a privacy policy that consist of even elements. All these seven elements are secured the information of every visitor or user of this

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