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1.0 Introduction The world is changing and Computer technology have overtake human ability and it has become part of our human lifestyle and this trence will continue to grow tremdeously. Computer crime such as corporate financial fraud, intrusion by insider, stealing of identity, credit card fraud, child pornography, terrorism intrusion and etc... Computer forensics play a major role in counteract those crimes that are committed by the criminal. “Computer Forensics involves obtaining and analysing digital information for use as evidence in civil, criminal or administrative cases (Nelson, B., et al., 2008)”. A Computer Forensic investigator usually check on the data that was seize from the suspect computer HD(Hard disk), thumb drive, Micro…show more content…
The enviornment of investigation cyber crime may falls into two types of categories:- 1) Public investigation(Involve government agencies that are cover under criminal…show more content…
That empower them to discover the exact place to confiscate devices that are used in the crime scene or how it is used to facilitate in the crime scene. 2) Private investigation(Involve private organization that are not cover under the law) It involve in dispute on both party and chances are they maybe esclate to criminal case. 2.0 Digital Evidence Digital evidence is classified as any form of data that are stored or transmitted through computer or theory to support how offense happen or any crucial elements to prove the intention of the offenses or he/she was elsewhere when the crime happen (adapted from Chisum, 1999) Choosing the type of digital data ubiquitous and evidence that are helpful in an investigation. when considering the type of digital evidence, computer systems can be classified in three groups. (Henseler, 2000) OPS(Open computer systems) The amounts of storage space in hard drives, laptops, desktops and server can be the sources of digital evidence that the criminal use. Files that holds implicating information can be helpful for the investigator to look into. When is the file created, who's the creator of the files or files that are created on others computer can be a essential

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