Computer Crime Case Study

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According to Commercial Crime Investigation Department, Royal Malaysia Police (2015), commercial crime is covers crime such as fraud which is deciving a person or company to get goods and money through forgery. It is caused by greed, common criminality and uncertainty about employment. There have many types of crimes involved credit card fraud, e-banking fraud, inheritance fraud, insurance fraud, international scam, love scam and parcel scam. The famous crime among these is love scam. Love scam is the modus operandi used in this type of fraud is not much different from the parcel scam. The victim will usually know and get into a relationship with the suspect through the Internet. Typically, suspects will claim that they want to come to Malaysia…show more content…
The victims does not ordinary people but it also involved professional person that we not expected that they will involved and gullible by unauthorized person. The women easily to fall in sweet talker like scammers. There are need to have self awareness among us to protect and prevent from being a victim. The article that has been choosed is “Elak terperangkap dalam cinta siber” writen by Noor Mohamad Shakil Hameed. This case was under Computer Crime Act 1997 because it was offences relating to the misuse of computers. The offences if that person was fault doing this crime by wrongful communication are fine not exceeding RM25,000.00 or imprisonment not exceeding three years or both. Responsible agencies for Computer Crime Act 1997 are Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (SKMM), and Ministry of Science Technology and Innovation…show more content…
There are some recommedations to prevent from being a victim to scammers. Based on Commercial Crime Investigation Department, Royal Malaysia Police (2015), have suggest several preventations and tips that will useful to people. First, understand how the internet works. Most people just know to use internet but they actually does not know how the internet works in our daily life. We necessary to have even a little knowledge about internet. This is caused we does not know who is really communicating with us, where they come from and how actually their phsical looks in reality life. Some scammers use any others information and picture to trick the victims. Furthermore, watch our money. Money is important thing in our life, without money our life will became useless. The victims are easily to give their money to the scammers because of love factors. So, there are recommended we does not simply give money to someone that we does not know especially just only met through online. Besides that, the victims usually easy to fall for sweet talk. The sweet talker can fooled victims by romantic lines that victims easily fall in love and feel like they are appreciated. But actually the scammers just want to blind and decieve victims more easily. The parents also play main role to prevent this love scam. Parents required to guidance their child especially under age what they do in their daily life and know more details who’s their

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