Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hacking

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INTRODUCTION: Fear arises from inability to deal with physical pain and psychologically it is inability to deal with unknown such as loosing something such as darkness death etc., Living in fear becomes a psychological disease found in people who live under suppression, oppression and ignorance. Fear alters the natural behavior of a living creature to make him or her violent or attacking. We know that animals, (snakes, dogs etc.,) attack due to their own fear. This type violent attack spreads the disease of fear in the other who had no fear until then. Terror is the most violent expression of fear. Therefore it is conducted by those are in fear, or essentially cowards. Man may have become civilized, but the last three thousand years account for the political and religious polarization of this world by brute and violent force (born from psychological fear) and thus the world has progressively become a dangerous place to…show more content…
In the most widespread general form of this usage, “hacker” refers to a black-hat hacker (a malicious or criminal hacker). There are also moral hackers (more commonly referred to as white hats), and those more ethically ambiguous (grey hats). To disambiguate the term hacker, often cracker is used as an alternative, referring what's more to computer security hacker culture as a whole to differentiate it from the academic hacker ethnicity or specifically to make a difference within the computer security framework between black-hat hackers and the more ethically positive hackers (commonly known as the white-hat hackers).The outlook of computer defense hacking forms a subculture which is often referred to as a network hacker subculture or simply the computer
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