The Importance Of Cyber Crime

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Rapid developments in information and communication technology (ICT) and growth of trillion bytes transactions and the diversification of economic activities have all contributed to globalization. Indeed, computer today touch every aspect of society including from our day to day activities, the financial institution to government agency and from individual to law enforcement. Together with these changes, which have created a global economic momentum and invite criminal activities which has become more sophisticated and the scale of their activities has increased substantially. This trend has been accelerated by the rapid proliferation of computers and the considerable increase significantly with the number of Internet users. Malaysia also…show more content…
It is also reported that statistics acquired from Bukit Aman showed that in year 2013, 2,747 individuals were arrested due to fraud (Hamsi, 2015). As the cyber crime incident increasing from time to time and it is affecting both Government and Corporate sector and well as individual. So, the main aims of this research will be to find out the truth which on cybercrime that is hidden and which has not been discovered as yet as it relate to the rate of increasing of sophistication hacking and ultimately find the way to deter it or at least to reduce the cyber crime activities to the barest minimum. Well, although the prevention and control is not totally possible, this research will focus on regulation from other country like recommending maximum and appropriate punishment when as when is necessary. The second aim is to understand the issues encountered by corporate world and their security policy to prevent cyber crime thru…show more content…
Since it involved personal characteristics of a person are affected by environment, we can consider the influence as the most fundamental cause of the tendency of people to commit crime. Computer crimes comprise two overlapping domains. The first one is illegal activities directed at or perpetrated through the use of the computer, These include hacking, denial of service attacks, unauthorized use of services and cyber vandalism. The second area is the protection of information, which include amongst others several legal measures related to the protection of information from unlawful use and distribution which include intellectual property laws, privacy laws, data protection law and others (Ramallingan, 2007) Although governments are actively focused on fighting and preventing cyber criminals from damaging infrastructure, the very nature of cyberspace poses a number of challenges to the implementation of cyber regulations in any country. Within cyberspace it is often difficult to determine political borders and culprits. Furthermore, the cyber criminal community and their techniques are continuously evolving, making it more challenging for governments and companies to keep up with ever-changing techniques (Herhalt,

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