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COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS: Best Products: Aeropostale controls all aspects of their brand, this includes designing, sourcing, marketing and selling all of its own merchandise. Since you can only purchase there clothing through them, this does make them compete with other companies. They have to be on guard at all times because they are always being sued or are suing others to protect their copyright. American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. not only sells clothing but have credit card in their name which makes them more money. They are more diversified than Aeropostale. They are investing more in Omni-channeling which is modern and the younger generations will be able to use and understand. Aeropostale is a little behind the times, when it comes…show more content…
is the better investment, if you are looking for a stable company. The have been preforming will in the stock market. While Aeropostale, Inc. has not done well as of late, it is working on improving their company. If you were looking for a long term investment and you do not expect a fast return, you could take a chance and invest in Aeropostale, because you can buy stocks very cheep right now. If they do get the company to improve you could make a lot of money, but you could also loss it all if they completely fold. Best employer: American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. website for employment is call “Live your Life, Love your Job” it states “We believe that our associates are our most valuable assets and we want them to feel motivated and have the freedom to be themselves at work”. (Live) It also says, “Be individual. Think Broadly. Be Real. Be Distinct”. (Live) Aeropostale, Inc. website for employment says to “experience our people and values”. They list their values as: (Our People) Both companies make it sound like it would be a good company to work for, but since I have not first hand knowledge regarding how it is to work for them I can only go by what I have…show more content…
This is something I had never done before. I found it very interesting and I think everyone who is in any business course or profession should be able to analysis two comparative companies. This could be very useful information if you were to invest in a company. In addition, if you are purchasing supplies or goods from a company, it would be very useful to know if the company was financial sound before you invest your time and money in their company. If a company is about to fold and you send them all your money to purchase goods and then they fold, you could loss all your money. This would mean you have no goods to sell and could ruin your

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