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The recent years have witnessed a phenomenal rise in technology, which has led to the creation of an entirely separate ‘digital world’. Consequently, more and more individuals are drifting away from the ‘real world’, which has become a cause of concern for a lot of far-sighted thinkers over the recent past. Keeping this in mind, lately, a lot of efforts are being made with the purpose of integrating both, the digital and the real worlds. One major breakthrough in this field has been the Sixth Sense Technology. The genius behind this technology, Pranav Mistry, has left the world awe-struck with his innovation. Besides the existing five senses, one may very rightly proclaim that through the development of this ‘digital world’, we have managed to create a sixth sense of our own - the data that has been accumulated in the virtual space, a large crux of which is now available to us online. In his efforts to amalgamate the virtual space and the real space, Mistry very aptly realized that if he could somehow make this data available on real world platforms, a larger interaction between the real and digital world could be possible. The sixth sense technology makes this interaction possible by simple usage of gestures.…show more content…
Initially, Mistry used a mouse to develop a glove that could enable a computer to read hand movements. After developing this technology with certain other inventions, like as a pen that could draw in three dimensions, and a computer map built on a table, he apprehended that people were not as interested in computers and pixels than they were in the information, which they displayed. Therefore, he set about extending the usage of this technology beyond the

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