Personal Narrative Essay: Moving To Minnesota

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I remember a tiny bit of my childhood. I remember eating baby food. I remember playing with my toys with my brother and sister. I remember getting in trouble for silly things that I did. The thing I remember most is the transition my life took when we decided to move to Minnesota. Moving to Minnesota when I was a little boy was the most confusing thing ever. The friends I made, the new weather, and all of the other people I have met have made my childhood the best in the world. I don’t remember much about my friends in Hawaii. I do remember riding my bike with them, and always being outside. For some reason though, I still get more sunburnt in Minnesota. During my first few years in Minnesota I didn’t know what to think being a little boy moving to this small town of Mankato. I felt like I didn’t fit in at first because everyone wasn’t like me and everyone was born in this state. That is until I actually got the courage to meet my neighbors. Well, maybe not. My sister walked up to them while I was the shy kid hiding behind her. She asked them if we could play with them. Since then, they are still one of the closest people in my life with one of the most importance in it, too. After meeting them I met our other neighbors who, just like them, are my close friends today.…show more content…
We played so many games throughout the years and had so much fun building the bond we had. When I started school I didn’t know anybody my first friend in elementary school was this kid named Zach which I thought was a cool name back then. After kindergarten we never really talked but me being friends iwth him helped me gain more confidence and I actually got a lot more friends after that. My friends influence the way I do many of my everyday things and without them, I don’t know how I could gotten through many of the things in my

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