Why People Go To A Strange Museum

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Strange and Creepy Museums People go to museums for the culture. They like to look at lovely works of art, exquisite statues, and other objects to be admired. There are museums where you can look at historical objects and learn about different periods in life. Then the question is why anyone would want to go to a museum to see horrible things. Things which nightmares are made of. • Los Angeles, California – Museum of Death features the largest collection of artwork which was done by serial killers. These killers were scary enough during their lifetime why would anyone want to know what was in their minds? Here at this museum you can look at photos of awful crime scenes and the autopsies which followed. Well if you’re a doctor it might be interesting.…show more content…
It was created by criminal physiognomist Cesare Lombroso in 1898. He was obsessed with criminal tendencies and started collecting skulls of civilians, soldiers, criminals and madmen. There are also skeletons and what of the doctor himself? Well folks you can see his head on display as well preserved in its own glass chamber. I think I’ll take Italian culture any day over spending even a moment here. • San Gimignaro, Italy – for all of you who want to know why the Middle Ages were also known as the Dark Ages. Why times were not so jolly. Look into the Medieval Torture Museum where you can see a collection of over 100 horrifying and pain-inflicting devices. The museum is housed in a 13th century dungeon called Devil’s Tower. So take a most scary journey into the darkness, the madness that winds through the narrow corridors. • Tokyo, Japan – if you’re crazy about bugs, worms, and creepy crawlers this is the place for you the Parasitological Museum. It opened up in 1953 and has more than 45,000 items on display. Anything to do with bugs and parasites and things like tapeworms this is where you will find them. I’ll take the nightclub scene in Tokyo anytime but to each his or her
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