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TIM FOOD is a manufacturing and exporting variety of frozen fruits and vegetables company. The company was promoted by a Board of Investment (BOI) in 1989. They emphasize on high and top quality in production that all fresh raw materials will be selected and produced under high quality control and hygienic conditions to retain the freshness, flavour and nutrition values to the original level. The factory is located in Khao Cha Ngok, Nakhon Nayok Province where is the central of sources of various vegetables and fruits. RATIONALE OF CHOICE OF COUNTRY As we have gathered information from various sources. We realize that Singapore would be the first country that we would choose to market in. Singapore is the land…show more content…
People that consume frozen food are mostly people that doesn’t have time to cook own food. Tim food can analyze the information they gather from this segment, and make decision of creating a product that is most suitable for them. These consumer should be regular buyer of the exact same location, since most Singaporean is very busy with their job. They should research for a published data of supermarket or convenience store that people usually buy frozen food, to maximize their sales. Tim can also aim to use market intelligence in a form of competitive intelligence. When using competitive intelligence we gather news and all type of information from our competitor from variety of sources. Tim food should use this to find how out the pricing of their competitors in the market, so that they can sell their product at the right price. Tim food can learn from their competitors mistake and avoid controversial by study the data they gathered. To make this ethical only published article or information by other company can be used in this form of market…show more content…
Also a website can contain a important information for the company for example the most looked up type of food in Tim food’s website. Tim food can use this market intelligence to analyze what type of consumer made the most profit for them on the each sale. They can later on develop better product for consumer in this segment to improve their relationship with them. If they can find the most looked up type of food on their website they can focus on advertising to further make the consumer attracted to the product or service even

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