Emirates: External Factors Affect Their Marketing Strategies

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Emirates have various external factors that potentially can affect their marketing strategies. Since the organisation operates in various countries, changes in political or legal legislations in these countries will affect the marketing strategy of Emirates since it may impact the cost of their service. Wars and terrorism will also affect the organisation since there will be less demand for such destinations. Economy also plays an important part, since if a nation is encountering economic issues this will affect the number of passengers visiting that country. Emirates can counter such issue by offering discounted tickets to keep the demand for such countries steady. Additionally, social changes can affect Emirates since it may have an increase…show more content…
Emirates need to update itself and timely respond to changes and turning them to opportunities such as upgrading to green efficient engines, updating website with more international languages and create a more user friendly online booking system. Internet has given customers a chance to compare prices of airlines with few clicks before they do the purchase (Doyle, 2000), hence Emirates needs to keep updating their marketing strategy to achieve sustainable growth. Emirates has to adopt an effective promotional strategy in order to communicate with the targeted market regarding their quality of service, their capable aircrafts, their routes, discounts, key features and benefits (Drucker and Maciariello, 2008). Conclusion In today’s marketing we have seen an immense change from the traditional market that we were used to and companies now are facing competition from a global scale. Companies like Emirates are fully aware of the technological development and the socioeconomic changes. Their success depends on their strategic marketing management and exploiting new changes ahead of their rivals. To be the best in their market they need to adjust their strategies accordingly in order to take advantage of external changes and client

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