Methodological Design In Hemingway's The Old Man And The Sea

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In this chapter, the methodological aspects of the study is explained. More precisely, it provides a general overview of the design. Furthermore, a detailed explanation of corpus selection is presented, later the materials employed in the present study is elaborated as well. This will be followed by an explanation of the way the study was conducted. In addition, the present section lies in providing a deeper account of the materials used as well as the procedures employed for collecting and analyzing data. As with other quantitative studies, the gathered data were needed to be rated; therefore, the last part of this chapter is allocated to the rating procedures. 3.2. Research Design Three research questions were addressed in this study; in fact, this study was a kind of discourse analysis; therefore, it adopted a descriptive and qualitative design. The first question intended to investigate the dominant types of cohesive devices found in both…show more content…
Santiago's story was originally conceived as part of a larger work, including material that later appeared in Islands in the Stream. This larger work, which Hemingway referred to as "The Sea Book," was proving difficult, and when Hemingway received positive reviews of the Santiago story, known then as "The Sea in Being," he decided to allow it to be published independently. He wrote to publisher Charles Scribner in October 1951, "This is the prose that I have been working for all my life that should read easily and simply and seem short and yet have all the dimensions of the visible world and the world of man's spirit. It is as good prose as I can write as of now." The reason why this book was chosen for analysis, was the fact that the content of this book was rich in terms of cohesive devices. In addition, several Persian translations of this book was available in the market and the researcher could choose the

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