Cultural Problems In Translation

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CULTURAL UNTRANSLATABILITY Cultural untranslatability is due to the absence of a relevant situational feature in the TL culture for the SL Text. Culture oriented word or words with cultural roots cannot be translated from one language into another with a different culture. There are to be retained and transliterated.They are like Marital Culture, Social Culture,Material Culture, and Stylistic Level. PHONOLOGY AND GRAPHOLOGY At the graphological level, there are no capitals or italics in Tamil. Even Telugu has no capitals. Phonological translation of English phonemes into Telugu remain an acute problem. A .K. Ramanujan claims,’ It is impossible to translate the phonology of one language into another even related culturally neighbouring language’. PROBLEMS IN TRANSLATING CLASICS A study of problems of translation will not be complete unless the problems of translations of different types of texts are considered. The central problem of translation involves problems of establishing equivalences between the source text and the target text. All types of translation involves problems like. 1. Loss of meaning 2. Addition of meaning 3. Skewing of meaning The different problems inliterary texts are:- 1. Problems in translating…show more content…
In addition to all the above topics the researchers adopt linguistic theories developed by Sapir, Firth, Chomsky, Holliday and others.To them, translation is an interpretation or a transfer of linguistic symbols from one language to another as Jacobson sees it, a communication among various peoples with different linguistic backgrounds as Eugene Nida suggests, a branch of contrastive analysis to describe the nature of equivalences or a kind of comparative linguistic study as it seen by

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